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Welcome to our Hummer limo hire page. If you are looking to hire a Hummer limo for your event, we have a massive selection of Hummer H2 and H3 limos available for hire.

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Related Article... The Performing Rights Society have been conducting random blitzes across the UK to stop people playing the radio in their businesses without a license. The blitz targets shops, restaurants, supermarkets and any other business which uses the radio as a background to their trading and to pass the time in their work day.

Some business people have been using the radio as background music for themselves and their customers for 20 or 30 years and are now suddenly being told they have to pay for a license to play the radio in a public place. The PRS will randomly call businesses and when they hear the radio in the background, the business will be informed that they need to organise and pay for a license.

The PRS operates by randomly calling business not already licensed to catch them out, dropping in on businesses, as well as operating on tip offs from the public. The PRS will call, send a letter and then visit the business which is playing the radio without an entertainment license. The licenses can cost anywhere from �70 to �2,000 per year depending on the size of the business.

The Performing Rights Society operates to protect the copyright of artists and composers and say it is their legal duty to ensure that all premises are licensed. So before you turn that radio in your limo hire office on, or connect it to your hold music for your customers to listen to while they are waiting, consider the fact that you may need to be licensed to enjoy the use of your own radio in your own business premises.

Or for more information about dealing with a limo hire company which uses alternative entertainment, or is fully licensed, to avoid a PRS bust, contact Limo Hire Herts now.

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