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Audi has a horde of adoring fans who love the style and class which is epitomised by each and every one of their vehicles and even when a new model is released, it only tops the beauty of the previous one. The new Audi A4 luxury car is no exception and even though the new model is being billed as having a whole new look, it has maintained its sophistication and simply added to its style.

Just released this month is a new version of the Audi A4 which is intended to rival the BMW 3-Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. With three engine and two transmission options there is a speed and a style to suit the most discerning passenger and the most exclusive limousine fleet.

The new Audi is of course even more fuel efficient than any model which has come before and also puts claim to better fuel economy. This is an impressive claim, considering that the new A4 limousine has a wider and longer body, however the fuel savings likely come from the car being 10% lighter than its predecessor. The exterior extension reflect the interior size which is 23 mm wider in the rear seat at shoulder height, and 29 mm longer in the back for extra-comfy legroom.

It's not just the passengers the new Audi limousine is taking care of either as the luggage capacity is also larger with 962 litres in the trunk, making it perfect for airport transfers. The Audi limousine is also safer than ever before with eight airbags, stability control, anti-lock brakes, and specially sensored airbags which can tell where the seat is and direct it for maximum protection.

Outside the Audi will not go unnoticed either as there are 15 colours to choose from ensuring the A4 will assimilate into any fleet, plus choices of front and rear bumpers, front spoiler, air grille and sill strips. For more information about securing a ride in the new Audi limousine, contact Cheap Limo hire now.

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