Limo Ride to the East Anglia Zoo

To take a day trip around the world, in first class of course, you only have to travel as far as Essex and make a visit to the Colchester Zoo, and your first class ticket comes in the form of a chauffeur driven limousine ride.

The Colchester Zoo is divided into the different continents and habitats of animals from all over the world so in one day you can discover an underwater world in the Aquatic Display and see penguins and even watch them being fed, plus small mammals like Meerkats, Hyrax, Dwarf Mongoose and Porcupines.

Your trip to the Colchester Zoo can also take you to Asia where you can visit the Orang Utans and Lar Gibbons, and then into a tropical rainforest where you can visit Silvery Marmosets and the Yellow Footed Tortoises. From the rainforest you will be plunged into the desert and see sand cats and reptiles, before discovering the aviaries and a huge range of birds.

Leading you into the Amazon you will meet the squirrel monkey, Agoutis, South American fish and other reptiles while you will be awed by the sealion enclosure which has a 24 metre tunnel where you can watch these amazing creatures swim right above you.

After the monkey enclosure you can see African lions at Lion Rock and see the stunningly beautiful white tiger. There are also a number of undercover seating and play areas along the way so you can easily take your whole family for a day out at the Colchester Zoo.

However, even with regular rest stops and breaks, a trip around the world of the animal kingdom can still be a tiring one and you don't want to have to worry about missing out on seeing some of the exhibits because you were trying to conserve your energy to drive the family home again.

Therefore, this is why it was important to confirm your round trip first class ticket for the journey and have your limousine chauffeur meet you at the zoo to take you all home in comfort and style.

For more information about hiring a limousine to take you and your family on a first class journey around the world without even leaving Essex, contact now.

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